Saturday, July 2nd 
we'll have around 8-10
flats of blackberries.
Hours 9:00 until we sell out.

Update for the week of 7/2/2022:
Peaches are ripening slowly. It will still
be several days before they will be ready.
We'll update as soon as 
Blazing Star or Red Haven
peaches are ready.
Thank you!

 We're sorry but we no longer accept Choctaw or Chickasaw cards/vouchers.

Cash or Checks only!

 2022 Prices


Quart $5.00

1/2 Peck Box $8.00

Peck Box $15.00

1/2 Bushel Box $30.00

Bushel (2 boxes) $60.00

Blackberries(when available)

1/2 pint $2.00

Pint $3.00

Quart $6.00

Flat (12 pints) $30.00   

Plums (when available)   

1/2 Pint $2.00

Pint $3.00

Honey (when available)    
Pint $12.00

Quart $20.00


Sorry, but we do not have U-pick!
All fruit is pre-picked by our pickers.