Tuesday, August 3rd we'll have our 
Cresthaven (Elberta) peaches-freestone.
Hours 9 to 3 or sell out.

2021 Prices

Quarts- $5.00
1/2 Peck- $10.00
Peck- $20.00
1/2 Bushel $40.00 each


Sorry, but we do not have U-pick!
All fruit is pre-picked by our pickers.

We accept Cash, Checks, and
Choctaw & Chickasaw vouchers.

Hi everyone! We have received several messages over the past couple of weeks and we just wanted to give an update on our crop for this summer. The February freeze destroyed most of our peach crop for 2021. Our best estimates as of 5/19/21 are listed below:

Peaches (all varieties)- 80% or more loss

Plums and apricots-50% or more loss

Nectarines-80% or more loss

Blackberries-30% or more loss.

Apples survived and it looks like we'll have a good crop of them.

We will be sourcing peaches from the southeast (when and if available). As of yet we haven't set prices or days & hours of operation. We will post when we have fruit available. We look forward to seeing all of our wonderful customers and we do appreciate all of you.